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I like: Mercure Hotels Local Days 

Local is lovely. With their new concept of "Discover Local" Mercure Hotels, is offering a unique way for their guests to find a true connection to a destination via local foods, drinks and crafts. For this purpose, the individual hotels work with small local companies and develop new ideas and services for their guest to explore. In this spirit, Mercure Hotels are also cooperating with local producers to include their services and products in the Food and Beverage offers of the hotels itself. A concept I truly appreciate.

This is what I was particularly excited to join the event „Local Days“ at the Mercure Hotel Berlin City. The hotel redecorated the lobby into a market place where small producers, craftsmen and artists from Berlin and its surrounding region of Brandenburg could display their products and let guests try and explore. I was hired to host some live videos for the Facebook Account of Mercure Hotels and to snap some shots for their Instagram Stories - to find out more about the producers and give them a platform to showcase their work for people attending the event online. 


And I had wonderful talks with such creative people, that I couldn’t be happier. I met Kyra and Mario, the kindhearted owner and artists at „Karmakolonne“ who are crafting beautiful pieces of art with a mission to also generate some income for charities. Or the young owners of a local drink, "Kreuzbaer Fassbrause“, the funny guys at O'Donnell Moonshine or the peeps behind a brand new farmers cheese bar, which probably will even be sold a local supermarkets soon. All of them are putting all their love and enthusiasm into their work and art. For me, this is sustainability  just as I like it. What a great event!

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